One of the biggest struggles before starting to put a step in your photography is to choose the right camera for you. For that, you have to know well about photography and the specifications of cameras. Then you have to find the best filming camera for beginners if you are moving for filming purposes.

Choosing the best filming for beginners may be hard to find but we found out a list based on a few things, The main reason for getting a camera beginners is when they realize it’s time to get out of mobile phone cameras for being a professional at filming. 

Buying the best filming camera for beginners for the first time, that will be a great experience for the starters. So many things will come to mind when you will buy a camera for the first time. Do you have to know well which thing you needed most? Some people want more resolution, more pixels, more zoom capability, some like zoom lenses, and some people like prime lenses. But you have come to the right place, we will guide you to find the best one for you. Each and every specs and detail will be described and most importantly, the pros and cons will make you easily find out the best filming camera for beginners.

Deciding the best camera is often confusing to most people. Again, good cameras are not cheap. If you want the best one, you have to pay a higher price for that. For a solution to this point, we are providing you the list with a great range of prices. Maybe you can do the filming at a cheaper price with smartphones but choosing a camera will get you one more step up a level. The camera will give you an opportunity to do the filming in your own style but the smartphones will bind you in their range.

But before choosing the best filming camera for beginners, you have to know a few things to make you understand that our guide is perfect for you. Few things mean what types of the camera there are, budget range, your intention for buying the camera, resolutions, gear, features of the camera, and so on. We will be describing those things first, step by step. 

Types of Camera

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In the case of filming purposes, you have to know the types of cameras which are used for recording. Not for capturing images but for capturing videos, cameras are different now.

  • DSLR Cameras: This camera comes to head first, it has been popular in the market for recent years because of its very many specifications for filming purposes. For advanced features, you must look for a DSLR camera for recording the moments in a better way. Regarding using policy, it’s been the best solution till now. One of the most advantages of having a DSLR camera is, there are thousands of interchangeable DSLR lenses for you to capture the best moments in a several way. What’s the main thing is a DSLR camera giving you more and more ways to capture the same moments rather than capturing on mobile phones or others. Maybe it will be costly for you, but there are also some affordable cameras for you for beginners.


  • Camcorders: This type of camera is easier to hold and compact, which makes everyone buy a camcorder rather than a DSLRs. As it is easy to carry, people love to use this one for travel shooting. It became popular also like the DSLR cameras, but for making traveling videos in an easy style, people would love to buy it.


  • Mirrorless Cameras: This one is an advanced camera but you have to put extra money for buying this one. It has a mirrorless mechanism, for which reason it can capture fast with a better autofocus system. For those who want fast filming and better qualifications, will run for it.


  • Point and Shoot Cameras: This one is quite cheaper than mirrorless and DSLR cameras. As our technology has grown so fast, this one has filming capacity as well. Most interesting thing is, you can fit this camera in your pocket which can be considered as a suitable option for a beginner.       

4k Resolution 

Though most people don’t watch 4k videos, it’s better to take videos in 4k resolution. Actually, most don’t have the screen which will support 4k videos. But as we said it’s better to take 4k  videos for filming, because in case you needed to move the videos, the resolution may fall. So, professionals prefer to take 4k videos. Again, if you take, then you can crop your clip and edit the clip fluently without wasting the quality. So, you must look after 4k resolution before choosing the best filming camera for beginners. 

Internal Stabilization

Internal Stabilization means how this camera is built. Like some cameras are made the way you can easily hold or carry the camera and take a different kind of shots from many angles. For that, you will get an advantage in wedding filming shots. You can capture in your own way. So, you have to look after the stabilization of the camera for choosing the best filming camera for beginners.

Full Frame Sensor

A full-frame sensor is an important part of finding out the best filming camera for beginners. The bigger the sensor is the more you can get an extra field in filming. You can get better quality videos and images in low lights if you have a better full-frame sensor. It helps you a lot in a bad situation where you can’t control the lights. Actually, a full-frame sensor is far most essential thing for beginners entering the filming profession.

Raw Recording

Raw files mean the actual file that you recorded means your files is not compressed or anything. For the same reason, the video or file will be saved in larger sizes that will maintain the resolution from damaging. Raw footage is much easier to color grade and looks more natural. You can edit better if you have a raw recording. Basically, the benefits of raw recording are almost familiar with having a 4k resolution camera. You can transfer and edit your videos without losing the quality if your camera can do the raw recording. 

High frame rate

A high frame rate is actually a rate of capturing frames.  Means if you are recording a slow-motion video then the resolution of your video may decrease to a lower resolution. But if your camera has a high frame rate, the resolution will be the same as before capturing a slow-motion video. In that case, you have to maintain both having sensor resolution and a high frame rate. But if you are capturing a slow-motion video your camera must have a high frame rate not to lose resolution or quality. 

Effective Auto Focus

If you are putting your step in filming or photography, you must have already known about autofocus. Every camera does have autofocus, but the fact is how effective is that autofocus is in capturing scenarios. Now let us explain what effective means here. Some cameras do focus on objects but they change the exposure or contrast for doing the focus. That must be destroying your image or videos. That’s where effective auto focus works, helps you smoothly focus on the subject you centered on. It also depends on how many foci points your camera has. More focus point helps to focus better with the help of its sensor. So, you can imagine now how crucial this part can be.

Intention of Use

There are almost hundreds of reasons for using a video camera, but if you haven’t selected your intention for having a video camera, just don’t panic. Because you can use the camera for anything you want. Intended applications of having a video camera are for blogs, traveling, filming, profession,hobby or passion photography. Anything from this list may be your intention for using a video camera.


Different Budget Cameras

After reading the topics described above, now you might have been able to find out the best filming camera for beginners. But now let’s talk about price. If you add extra equipment to your camera will work better, but extra equipment needs extra money. But in case you are searching for a camera in your budget, you have to get a lower featured camera in case you are learning first. But it will be tough for you to find a better DSLR camera if your budget is less than 300 dollars.

Top filming cameras

After reading all of the above, you might already have understood the criteria for finding the best filming camera for beginners. Now you can easily find out which one is best for you. Although we have listed some best filming cameras for beginners that might have the best solutions for you.

Fujifilm X-T200

Type: Mirrorless | Sensor: APS-C | Resolution: 24 MP | Auto Focus: 425 Point Focus | Lens: Prime

Product Details: Between mobile photographs and camera photography, Fujifilm is here for filling the gap. This model has a screen touching display. With its thin display, this one has a flipping display that one can easily blog, taking selfies, and travel shots also.

With full manual controls and a splendid touching display, it makes everyone not feel the lack of smartphones. The layout is so simple that it’s so easy to use.

Again, Fujifilm offers you incredible JPEG images with its own mirrorless camera. Also, there are so many interchangeable lenses of Fujifilm that will offer you a bigger range in using a camera.

Panasonic Lumix G100

Sensor: Micro four thirds | Resolution: 20 MP | Auto Focus: 49 point auto-focus | Lens: Wide angle

Product Details: For vlogging and travel videos, Panasonic Lumix G100 is a great option for beginners. With the capability of catching 4k videos, this camera has been designed compact and lightweight.

Again besides that, it has amazing audio tracking, that will take beginner level filming to a next level. For that, anyone can be able to record videos clearly in-crowd, speeches, or interviews.

The sensor is much better than most of the cameras, it has a broad range of interchangeable lenses that will offer you to customize your camera in your own way.

Google Pixel 4 XL

Sensor Size: 1/ 2.55 inch Sensor | Resolution: 12 MP | Auto Focus: Dual Pixel

Product Details: For vlogging and travel videos, Panasonic Lumix G100 is a great option for beginners. With the capability of catching 4k videos, this camera has been designed compact and lightweight.

Again besides that, it has amazing audio tracking, that will take beginner level filming to a next level. For that, anyone can be able to record videos clearly in-crowd, speeches, or interviews.

The sensor is much better than most of the cameras, it has a broad range of interchangeable lenses that will offer you to customize your camera in your own way.

Sony ZV-1

Sensor: Micro four size | Resolution: 16 MP | Auto Focus: 121 point autofocus | Lens: Zoom

Product Details: It is made focusing entirely based on making vlogging videos. Its compact design will help you make videos in an easy way. Even you can change the display monitor for taking selfies and interviews properly.

This camera gives it’s the most priority to faces to get the focus properly and so that videos are made more clear. Again, it’s displayed that can be flipped into the front which is another advantage.

It’s been popular for its an amazing sensor and with it’s 16 MP camera, it can focus on your eyes and does great autofocusing. Hopefully, it will be a good choice for beginners if your intentions are creating content, interviews, or youtube documentary videos. 

Canon EOS M50

Sensor: APS-C | Resolution: 241 mp | Auto Focus: Dual Pixel CMOS | Lens: Wide Angle

Product Details:  You are entering your footstep in the camera world and don’t even hear about canon, it’s almost rare to hear. Canon cameras have been popular for years because of their amazing techniques of taking photos and portraits at a different level and this model does the same thing. Recently, most of the beginners run for canon.

Why do beginners run for this one? The answer is because it’s interphase and menus are made that way to understand easily which is great for beginners. One more thing is it can focus on a subject quickly that impresses beginners mostly. 

It is built-in high resolution so that every detail of the image or videos is far better than other cameras. It’s dual pixel autofocus and a quick menu button with a quickie touch screen makes you feel extra. Again Canon provides you a big range of lenses that attract beginners fast.

Nikon D3500

Sensor: APS-C | Resolution: 24 MP | Auto Focus: 11 Point Auto Focus | Lens: Macro

Product Details: What you hear from most people after the canon is NIKON, so are we. This one has amazing features but is not so easy to use for beginners. More features mean more function which seems to be difficult for a beginner. But this model is less hard to use rather than other models that’s why it came to our list. Obviously, it is favorable in the budget for that it comes to mind for most people.

One thing that will impress you is that this model has a guide mode that differs from others. It works like a tutor for beginners. Again, you are getting two kit lenses with this D3500. It is designed compactly which will be an advantage for shooting the videos in busy events. And the image sensor that will provide you with clearer images and videos. 

Basically, this model of canon will be the best choice for you and it will be worth of your money. Good quality sensor, battery life will help you to begin in the platform of filming and learn more about cameras.

Sony A600

Sensor: APS-C | Resolution: 24 MP | Auto Focus: 179 Point Autofocus | Lens: Interchangeable

Product Details:

We already reviewed a camera of SONY before, a question may arise in your mind that why again? Over the past years, Sony is still providing a great choice for photographers. 

It has a quick autofocus system with 179 autofocus points which are really faster than other models. This one will be a great choice for them who would love to take wildlife photos and quick images. But this one doesn’t provide a touchscreen which is quite a good problem for most peoples.

Another problem of the Sony Alpha series is, they are in lack of a broad range of lenses. Also, battery life is not so satisfied as well. But for moving events like tournaments, this camera can be a good choice for people. 

Bottom Line

Thinking about filming without a good review of cameras doesn’t go with today’s age. We tried to list the cameras which may fulfill each criterion of peoples whatever their intention of using a camera can be. Hope so, the content helped you find out the tips for finding the best filming camera for beginners and you got the list of the cameras which is suitable for you. Visit our website Gadget Maestro to find more gadget reviews.