Firstly, let us know what are laptop cooling pads? 

It is basically a cooling platform for your laptop, with fans integrated into them. It is a machine that creates constant airflow to reduce the temperature. For me, I think this is one most helping tool for laptop users.


Why does your laptop overheat? 

  • It often happens if you don’t clean the vent of your laptop properly.
  • If the position of your laptop is not in the proper flat surface, which is given by a laptop cooling pad.
  • Because of your extra use, time may affect sometimes you. 
  • Environmental temperature like sunlight or summer times may be the reason also.



Now, the most ranked question, does laptop cooling pad work? 

The laptop cooling pad actually assists your laptop to cool down the internal temperatures. As you can imagine there is an air ventilator inside it, it pulls out the hot air inside the laptop. Again, it pulls out the dust inside your laptop. It gives you a flat surface to your laptop, which helps to ventilate the inside air properly. Again the cooling air reduces the temperature of inside electronic parts of your laptop. You may not believe the sentences, but we evaluated the whole gadget, and the resulting sum up with a better output. 


Testing of laptop Cooling Pad | Evaluation 

People nowadays don’t believe in sayings. They believe in data and results. For those reasons, we tasted on the cooling pad if there are any differences in temperatures using a laptop cooling pad or not.

We placed the GPU under heavy load, and then we placed it under the cooling pad and measured the temperature. 

We measured the GPU temperature using a speed fan. The temperature differences were almost 5-degree celsius. Obviously you can assume that the temperature of the GPU was 5-degree over without the laptop cooling pad. 

The internal and external, both temperature was reduced than before. It was possibly better to make you believe that a laptop cooling pad does work!


Why and who does need a cooling pad?

After all of this saying, obviously it should not be said that we don’t need a cooling pad. It is an important tool for any laptop user. Not for the reason of reducing the temperature of your laptop, it works for fasting your laptop performances. Who doesn’t want a better laptop performance? Also, it helps to protect your laptop inside performance like the working of GPU, Graphics Card, Battery, and so on.

Using an external fan obviously adds an extra bonus for your laptop. If you use a laptop on your lap or in your bed, it overheats more and regarding that, a cooling pad is a must. 

It is also an extra comfort to your desk, though it should be taken as extra consideration. Also, helps to ensure reducing damages to your laptop and there is a low percentage of making mistakes. 


Types of Laptop Cooling Pad

  • Active Laptop Cooling Pads: It worked with small cooling fans inside it. It helps to push hot air outside your laptop.
  • Passive Laptop Cooling Pad: It is like a compound fitted in your computer which generates your laptop to reduce inside temperature though it is not good for your laptop.


How to choose a laptop cooling pad?

If you are going to buy a laptop cooling pad then you must have to take a look at the features mentioned above.

  1. Cooling Capacity
  2. Noise
  3. Fan Speeds
  4. Adjustable position
  5. Size
  6. Power Source


Top Laptop Cooling Pads of 2020 for You

Here, we highlighted the best laptop cooling pads for you regarding the customer’s best priority and well you might already have got the answer to the question, does a laptop cooling pad work.  Take a look, hope so it will help you find the best one and after watching the product review, you will never be in any kind of confusion having a question, does laptop cooling pad work!  

Thermaltake Massive 20 RGB Steel Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad

Product Details: If you are passionate about gaming and PUBG, Call of Duty and so many large files and high-quality games decreasing your laptop performances and increasing the inner temperature, then the best laptop cooling pad is here. 

With RGB lighting, this beautiful laptop cooling pad is designed well for you. This large cooling pad will be fitted in any desk and hopefully, it will be useful for any laptops.

Also, the rubber pads on its front will trigger your laptop from sliding down. And there are also two extendable feet for your better laptop holding position.


Fans: 1 x 200 mm

Size: 471 x 354.5 x 46.5 mm

Key Specifications:

  • Big 200 mm fans
  • Low sound noise
  • RGB lighting
  • Suitable for gaming laptops

Product Details: Noisy cooling pads often distract people a lot, that’s why this laptop cooling pad comes first in priority. Rather than others, this one has five fans integrated into its own. That’s possibly far better than others. 

The more hub the more you connect, this one has a dual hub connection. Compared to the previous one, it also has stoppers to prevent your laptop from falling off. 

It also attracts like the previous one with its blue LED lighting stuck in the fans. Having all these specifications, now can you tell me does laptop cooling pad work?  

Fans: 4x 70 mm

Size: 380 x 300 x 35 mm

Key Specifications:

  • Impressive cooling system
  • Six different height extendable feet
  • Switching fans


Product Details: Built with four fans, this laptop cooling pad will be the best choice for you if your laptop-sized between 15.6 to 17 inches. The fans work like a beast to prevent your laptop from the crash and overheating. 

It is designed with extra USB ports and better wind speeds. Two non-slip baffles reduce the risk of slipping your laptop. 

Top-ranked laptop cooling with LED? This one has also a green LED in it. An adjustable height setting puts an extra bonus for you. 

Fans: 4 x 110 mm

Size: 17 Inch

Key Specifications:

  • Adjustable fans
  • Green LED
  • Adjustable height settings
  • Wind Speed and low noise.


Targus Chill Mat + Laptop Cooling Portable Slim Lightweight Quiet Dual Fan Adjustable Angle Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad

Product Details: For those who want to use their cooling pad as an extra purpose for adjusting heights, this one is for them. This cooling lap chill mat has 4x adjustable heights which might be unbelievable for you, but it’s true.

The velcro straps fitted in the laptop cooling pad helps to clean your cable and a dustless laptop provides better performances. Working performance of this one will remove the confusion of your head, does laptop cooling pad work or not!  

This one is a well-constructed cooling device for you with four USB hubs. And the fitted fans designed for proper air ventilation.

Fans: 2 x 250 mm

Size: 354 x 260 x 25 mm

Key Specifications:

  • Well designed
  • Four USB Hubs
  • Slim Cooling pad
  • Adjustable 4x hub


TopMate C5 10

Product Details:  All the laptop cooling pad reviewed before might be suitable for you, but in case of budget you have to lay down before this one. 

Fans speed, cooling system, and adjustable heights, all of them in this friendly budget attract all of the people’s priority.

It works like extra support for comfortable writing and better view experience. With extended durability, this one can recharge itself not only with its own battery but also from your laptop. 

You are getting a short LED screen with that also, displaying important information of your laptop cooling pad which includes 6 wind speeds and 3 operation modes.

Fans: Dual 140 mm

Size: 14.6 x 11.81 x 1.5 inches

Key Specifications:

  •  Extremely friendly budget
  • Small LED screen with information
  • Unique height adjustment
  • Blue LEDs


Product Details: All of them mentioned above, were active laptop cooling pads. But in the case of this one, it works like a passive laptop cooling pad. It is not a cooling pad actually, it is a short portable solution for people who don’t like bigger accessories.

Rather than blowing air into the laptop and ventilating air, it works differently. Controlling your inside temperature parts, it also measures the data. People also believe that it works more effectively than a cooling pad does. After using this, i assume none will question that does laptop cooling pad work?

What impressed you most about this is, the manufacturer ensures a five-year guarantee and a 30-day free return policy.

Fans: 1 x 4200 rpm

Size: 155 x 82 x 36 

Key Specifications:

  • Reasonable Price
  • Highly portable
  • Adjustable fan and speed


Bottom Lines

Truly, a laptop cooling pad helps you ensure your laptop gets a better airflow inside which will provide you better performances. Mostly, in today’s age, most of you suffered from overheating problems that might trigger your gaming and gaming performances. For that reason, a laptop cooling pad must be the best solution for you, and hope so you found the answer to the question “does laptop cooling pad work? ”