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LED Monitor Vs LED monitor, which monitor is best for you? It’s been creating great confusion for customers. Why not should be? People in this technology-based world spend more time on their computer screens. So, they had to choose the best one and the one most suitable for them. From gamer to working professionals, people spend more on the screens. And as a result, eyes get tired of old screens, for those reasons, LED Monitor Vs LCD monitor comes to head first to choose the best screen.  LED and LCD monitor both use liquid crystal displays. Then where are the differences? We will know that a minute later. Backlights, price range, pixels, thickness and so many comparing things will come first. At first, we have to go one by one to know the comparison well.

What is an LED?

Light Emitting Diode can be said as the full form of LED, To say in scientific terms, it is a small semiconductor to emit lights when the electric current is passed through them. It is used by most of the manufacturers. LED is used in three sections which are RGB LED, Full array, and Edge-lit. For providing LED, it uses its own LED whether the LCD uses CCFL tubes for that work. That is the first ongoing answer to an LED Vs LCD monitor.   

Type of LEDs

  • Edge- LEDs, which use an amazing diffusion panel for spreading the light.
  • Dynamic RGB LEDs, the one with the specific area backlighting technique.
  • Full-array LEDs, one set arranged behind the screen can be said as the ordinary one.

LCD Monitor

LCD stands for liquids crystal display which is an amazing technology in an era of computer screens. It is available on most of the television screens, mobile screens, tablets, and so on. It uses CCFL (Cold Cathode Fluorescent lamps) to provide backlights. Also, it uses a cathode ray tube to provide images on television and monitor screens. Every pixel used in it has three separate backlights that can shine through the red, blue, and green color filter.   

Type of LCDs

  • Full-Screen LCDs, the expensive one but popular with its sleek look and flexible options.
  • Front projection LCDs can be called projectors shortly which can be fitted anywhere in the room for projecting an image on the screen.
  • Rear Projection LCDs, wide and heavy ones that display images sent from the rear of the TV. 

Differences between both monitors?

Every LED monitor can be considered as LCD monitors but not all the LCD monitors can be called LED monitors. It might be confusing to you, but when you read the full article you will understand the full thing easily.  Now we will compare the main facts that differ LED monitors from the LCD monitor based on categories. The main subjects are backlights, pixels, thickness, power consumption which will be described briefly for both of the monitors that will define LED monitor Vs LCD most. So, get ready for the main comparing section of this article.   

LED Monitor Vs LCD | Backlight Comparison

In the battle of LED Monitor Vs LCD, we have already known that the LED monitor uses its own bulb for the backlight and LCD uses CCFL tubes for the backlight. But in this section, LED can be considered as the good one. LEDs can use separate backlights for pixels on-screen whether the LCD can’t do that. And one more thing that puts extra bonus on LED monitors is, LCD consumes much more energy than LED does. That’s why it is more efficient than LCD monitors.  

The thickness of LED Monitor Vs LCD

In the case of thickness, LED also took place over LCD. The reason behind this, LCD use CCFL tubes for the backlight. But the CCFL tube is very thick so that the thickness of the LCD screen is much also. On the other hand, because of not using CCFL tubes, the thickness of the LED screen is much less than an LCD. So, in this segment, LED wins again over the debate LED Monitor Vs LCD.  

RGB, Colors, and Pixels

Some people say that the image quality of LED monitors is better than LCD, but in that case, it depends on how the lastest monitor of LED or LCD monitors you are using. Again in case of color, LED is much preferable than the LCD monitor because of its filters. And you know well already that LEDs can emit lights rather than LCDs. An LED monitor offers more colors especially the one with its RGB backlighting. And one more thing is, a dynamic LED shows truer blacks and whites rather than LCDs. So, the winner is still LED monitors over LED Monitor Vs LCD.  

LED Monitor Vs LCD | Power Consumption

LED uses its own backlight to show pixels on the screens, it doesn’t need any tube for that. For that reason, it consumes less electricity. Behind that, LCD needs more power for the tubes to show pixels on the screen. But in case of RGB lighting both consume the same power. So, in that case, you can already assume which one is better, LED Monitor or LCD monitor.  

Which one is best for  TVs and gaming? 

Actually this one depends on the users. To say, gamers want a rich depth of color and fast response times. And for this purpose, OLED hopefully will be a great choice for them because of its amazing picture quality.  You also have to know about 4K, Ultra Hd, and 8K screens, which will help you know more about the LED Monitor Vs LCD in this segment in an extended way.   

Larger Screens and view experience

In this time, LCDs must take over LED monitors. Because LCD provides you with larger screens. But LED has a fixed screen which might not be suitable for you. Also, the viewing angle also affects the pictures. But in the case of LCDs, the angle provides flexibility in watching pictures. So, LCD got this one, bad luck for LEDs.  

LED Monitor Vs LCD | Price Comparison      

One and an only segment where LCDs took over LED monitors. Why not will be? Obviously, good things price higher than the lower. In that case, LED TVs are more popular though the prices are higher. The more configuration and specifications you want, the price will rise by the time whether it is an LCD monitor or an LED monitor. So, prices vary over the brand, specifications, and features. You can take a look at the monitors shown below to get an idea of price ranges of LED monitor Vs LCD.

Top LCD and LED Monitors

Here we will be highlighting some best-LED monitors and LCDs for you that might be suitable in your budget. We listed those based on specifications, prices, image resolution, weakness, and features.  Later we will be giving the most expecting answer of the winner of this section, LED Monitor Vs LCD.          

Samsung 27-Inch Curved LED Monitor

  View on Amazon: Click Here Details of Product: This product is specially designed to limit your eye strain. And this one has an easy setup process that will make your life easier. And the curved screen features better image qualities which are an extra bonus for gaming technology. Specifications: 
  • 1800R Screen Curvature
  • Rapid 4ms response time
  • Color gamut
  • Windows Compatible
  • 60 hertz of refresh rate 
  • This one doesn't come with built-in speakers and also have limited instructions.

Acer 27-Inch LED Computer Monitor 

View on Amazon: Click Here  Details of Product: If you are looking for a smaller and budget monitor, then you are in the right place. This one comes with a stunning display providing a great resolution. As this one delivers images with excellent detail, it’s been perfect for HD gaming, multimedia, and productivity.  Specifications:
  • 27-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Rapid 5ms response time
  • Power consumption 14 watts
  • Ports and Connectors- DVI-in, VGA.
  • This monitor is not VESA mountable and means no wall mounting facilities. 

Asus 24-Inch Full HD LED Monitor

Location : Click Here  Details of Product: This one has the privilege of wall mounting. Also, this full HD monitor comes with a lot of features. Especially, the smart view technology in it delivers the exact image you want and provides a better straight view. Specifications: 
  • 24-inch display with 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Quickest response time of 2 ms
  • Vesa wall mounting
  • Inputs of HDMI, D-sub, DVI-D
  • Smart contrast ratio
  • Fine-tuning of brightness is set as default.

HP Pavilion 21.5-Inch IPS LED Monitor

View on Amazon: Click Here  Details of Product: A friendly monitor,  which is beneficial for the sufferers of eye strain problems. This monitor is full of amazing features. Compared to budget, adjustable view, resolution, this one can be said as a good one. Specifications: 
  • 21.5-Inch Full HD monitor with 1920 x 1080 resolution.
  • 7ms of response time.
  • Adjustable view and positional view.
  • Easy access to VGA and HDMI
  • Amazing brightness and contrast ratio
  • One year limited warranty
  • The stand is on the cheap side and no HDMI cable.

DELL 27-Inch Backlit LCD Monitor

View on Amazon: Click Here Details of Product: Though the LCD monitor doesn’t provide good specifications rather than LED monitors this monitor is still in a better place in the market. This one also provides 1920 x 1080 resolution like other LED monitors, that might be different for you to think. Specifications: 
  • 27-inch screen size
  • Aspect ratio 16:9
  • Response time vary to 8ms to 5ms
  • HDMI, VGA connector
  • Does not have VESA mount

ViewSonic 24-Inch Gaming Monitor

  View on Amazon: Click Here Details of Product: This amazing monitor designed with an amazing look. It works and performs as good as it looks. As they named this one as a gaming monitor, so you can assume the image quality and response rate to be very high. Then why is it presented last on my list? This one is a LED monitor with LCD technology. Now it might be very interesting to you. Specifications : 
  • Full HD: 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Visual modes for gaming
  • Mega dynamic contrast ratio
  • Flexible connectivity with HDMI, VGA and DVI Inputs
  • 3 Year Coverage

Which one is best?

All the comparing facts about both monitors describe beautifully to make you go through the facts. Regarding thickness, power consumption, backlight, RGB, colors, and gaming purpose, LED monitors will be the best preferable screens for the users. But to talk about a larger screen, side view, and budget, LCD will take over the LED monitors. Now let the decision of giving the winner is to you, which one is best in LED Monitor Vs LED. Who knows what others want. So it differs from people to people.   

Bottom Line:

 People nowadays spend more time on screens and monitors, for that reason, you must know which screen is best for you between these two of them. Hope so, this one helped to find you the proper answer, and the highlighted monitor is given considering which one is suitable for you most.  Visit GADGET MAESTRO for more reviews.                                                               

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